About us

Fondazione Vincoli Romani was born of the desire to cultivate the ideals of young people today and to help them confront the challenges that they face. Via social initiatives, cultural encounters, and educative programs, the foundation aims to promote among young people a generous commitment to the service of the individual person and society, and to the search for the common good.

“You are young like your faith and old like your doubt; you are young like your self-confidence and old like your fear; young like your hope and old like your loneliness.”

What we do

Initiatives promoted by Fondazione VR in the university environment fall under auspicies of UnivForum. Over the past few decades, this cultural project has offered students worldwide the chance to grow in understanding and awareness of important issues facing their world today. 
The following initatives are organized and maintained by UnivForum:

  • Forum Internazionale di Rome, for university students during Holy Week.
  • Organization and promotion of volunteer work-camps.
  • Arrangement of cultural exchanges between university residences in a number of countries.
  • Support and publicity for educative projects in university residences worldwide.
  • Development of the UnivForum website and App, which facilitate the participation of young people in current cultural issues.

The formative ideal for adolescents promoted by FVR is put into practice by Interaxiongroup. This project currently organizes the following activies:

  • e-learning courses for parents and educators, dealing with the isses that adolescents face in the use of digital technologies.
  • Workshops and international seminars on the educative challenges for adolescents in the digital environment.
  • Analysis and statistics for schools, dealing with themes linked to the use of technology by young people.
  • Online studies and insight into topics that affect young people, such as affectivity, social relations, and the link between self-giving and maturity, available via the Interaxiongroup website.